This is Robin (early 90s kid, male) from Hamburg, Germany.

Friends and family asked me to publish information of my trips so that they are able to particpate through long distance.

  • On instagram you find most of my content (posts and media):

  • On this website you find maps and extended documentation of a few selected trips. Some content ist published in German (old articles or where I need German for a better expression).

    I decided to organize photo galleries on this website with “Google photos”. That’s why I link for most of my media to the “google photos”-website. There you also find more information about the pictures and videos I uploaded.

    Articles in the blog area are sort from NEW to OLD. So the new articles are on the top of the site. However, the media on the “Google photos”-website is sort from OLD to NEW.

If information is missing or you have any questions, feel free to contact me.